The first months in the US can be a real challenge.You may need to rent a car, visit a dentist, pay fees or hire services for your new house. A credit card can help you prepare for the unexpected.

  • zero international transaction fees
  • low interest rates
  • no annual fees1

It’s truly easy

How? CreditStacks has its own approval system. They understand expats don’t have a US credit history2, so look at your current financial situation instead. You can apply before you get a Social Security Number3 or visa.

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1Review the CreditStacks cardholder agreement and fee schedule.

2If applicant has been living in the US for more than one year at time of application, SSN must be provided and application review will include a credit check.

3SSN is required within 60 days of card activation. Card can only be activated from within the US. Applicants who have been living in the US for one year or more must provide SSN at time of application and undergo a credit check.