Exploring outside the cities in Sweden

Discovering the great outdoors

Exploring outside the cities in Sweden

Due to the rich architecture and culture bursting from the cities in Sweden, it can be easy to overlook the incredible landscape and outdoor activities which the country can offer. This guide sets out some of the options for lovers of the great outdoors.

From island hopping to bike trails

With its stunning landscape, it is worth investing some time in exploring the many leisure activities available. There are opportunities to explore the archipelagos around Sweden and enjoy some island-hopping. You can take a ferry to Djurgården to visit the The Nordic Museum , among other sites. There is also the opportunity to see the rugged countryside by hot air balloon.

You can also explore Sweden by bicycle, the Sverigeleden is a network of bike routes formed to promote the biking industry in Sweden. There are 15 main long distance routes, which extend from Helsingborg in the south of Sweden to Karesuando in the north. The distance measures 2,620 km (1,630 miles).

Sweden boasts some 97,500 lakes, the most beautiful of which can be found in The Lakelands district which can be explored by canoes or canal cruises. Tucked away in the rugged landscape, there are hundreds of miles of beaches where you can try out adventure sports like waterskiing and windsurfing.

There is just about any tour you could imagine in Sweden. Check out the World Travel Guide  for Sweden for useful links and ideas.

Boating & fishing

Since Sweden and the 24,000 islands which make up the archipelago are surrounded by water, boating adventures are rife. The clear, crisp waters also give fishing enthusiasts a fantastic opportunity to pass the time.

Trekking in the wilderness

Since the law for Allemansrätten (Right of Public Access) is set in place in Sweden, it enables all the land to be accessible as long as nature and properties are respected accordingly. This opens a range of trekking opportunities, especially in the north of the country where you can immerse yourself in one of Europe's last remaining stretches of wilderness. For serious trekkers, you might want to check out Kungsleden (The King's Trail ), between Abisko and Hemavan, which is renowned as being one of the world’s best hiking trails.

For the adrenaline junkies

For those of you who are seeking an even bigger adventure, there are plenty opportunities to go white water rafting, alpine and cross-country skiing and even ice climbing in Swedish Lapland. There a number of agencies where you can organise these particular activities, for example: Extreme Sports in Sweden .  Always read reviews about the companies in order to gauge the overall competency of the company and remember to take out any necessary insurance beforehand!

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