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Singapore has an advanced tourism industry with a wide range of activities to offer its visitors. There are museums, malls, landmarks, concerts, historical venues, night clubs, and many tours to satisfy a wide range of tastes.

There is a wide range of things to do in Singapore. The Animal Kingdom features everything from insects to sea mammals. Various cultures can be seen in different areas: Chinatown, Little India, and Geylang Serai all exhibit their respective countries.

The Isles of Singapore may be a bit more difficult to get to then things on the mainland, but offer a unique experience. Kusu Island is visited for religious purposes by Taoists and Muslims; is said to have been founded by a Chinese man and a Malay man after a giant sea turtle rescued them. A ferry is required to get there; tickets cost around S$20. Palau Ubin, located near the northeast coast of Singapore, is an island visited by people looking to escape the city. Both cycling and walking are common choices of activities there. Enjoying the beaches of Sentosa is a popular option. There is also a dolphin lagoon on this island which attracts many tourists. St John’s Island is often visited for short getaways. It has beaches, walking paths, picnic grounds, and soccer fields for its visitors to enjoy.

It is not necessary to leave the city-state to enjoy nature as Singapore, along with Rio de Janeiro, are the only cities in the world with an area of primary rainforest in them. The Chinese Gardens are also located on the mainland. When these gardens were made, they were influenced by the northern Chinese imperial style and are truly impressive.

Numerous World War II memorials and sites can be found throughout Singapore. The Battle Box, built into the hills by the British, can be easily reached. War Memorial Park contains the Civilian War Memorial, which was built to honor the struggles citizens had to go through when the Japanese occupied Singapore.

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