Someone please help me!!!!

  • At the moment I live in England but will be moving to Greece next year, I'm desperate to get a phone connected but don't know who to call or what to do. All of the websites I've looked on tell you how to get connected if you already live in Greece, but I want to get this done from England!!!
    Any takers please!!!!

    30 May 2007, 11:07 Sil
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  • Phone in Greece


    before anything else you will need a tax number (which you will need for almost everything anyway). If you have it alreade, fine.

    Second: Main provider is still former state-owned OTE. It depends on where you will live but things have really changed over the last years, connections (cables) are sufficient. This can be different in the countryside (we have applied for phonewire (copper-cable) ten years ago, not having one yet....). But in the cities, you should not have a problem getting connected.

    If I was in your shoes, I would consider to choose mobile (cellular) phone only. There are three big providers in Greece, rates are reasonable and if you depend on the internet, there are smart solutions via bluetooth that give you ISDN/DSL speed (which is not necessarily the case with wire-connection. Some rates even imply flatrates for internet surfing. Application for mobile phones is as easy as anywhere else - if you have your tax number happy

    Best wishes


    BTW: If you wish, tell me, where in Greece you will be living.

    Gaby 23 Jun 2007, 07:09 - Report
  • Phones in Greece

    Hi Sil...

    If Your renting a property.. you can do this just with your passport number.. (if your With in Euroupe)
    If you`ve bought the property.. then you need a Tax Number....(because you`ve bought the property..)
    Some rented accomodation has a phone line in already..

    If it doesn`t have internet acsess then there are a lot of internet cafes... all over Greece.. and they are really cheep to use.................

    Obviosly some places here have a higher system that others.........

    But you don`t mention , which area you`ll be moving too.!!>?

    If 06 Sep 2007, 06:03 - Report
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