Mobile phones

Getting a mobile phone in Belgium

Mobile phones

There are four major mobile phone providers in Belgium and you can choose between a fixed monthly rate or a pay as you go system. International roaming is available, but must be requested at an extra cost.

In Belgium you can purchase a mobile phone at the retailer´s store. Information about rates can be found at the store and on the providers' websites.

The major mobile phone providers in Belgium are:

Pay As you Go

The Pay As you Go system only requires you to buy a mobile phone, there are no credit card requirements and no need to provide ID. You pay by the minute and payments can be made with cash or a credit/debit card. Most plans offer free incoming calls. On the other hand, minutes for Pay As you Go lines are more expensive.


Mobile companies in Belgium offer fixed monthly rates for contract users. Contracts usually include special promotions, discounts, lower rates and free phones.

In order to get a mobile phone contract, you will need to provide:

  • your ID or passport
  • proof of address (bill, property rental contract or bank statement)
  • local Bank account or International Bank Account Numbers (IBAN)

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