How to make phone calls in Belgium


Belgium has a closed telephone numbering plan, but in order to make national calls you must dial the trunk code “0”.

Belgian telephone numbers can have eight or nine digits. Smaller cities' telephone numbers have a two-digit area code plus a six-digit subscriber number, while big cities' telephone numbers have one-digit area codes plus a seven-digit subscriber number.

When calling to Belgium from abroad, dial the international prefix of the country you are in, followed by “32” (the country code for Belgium), the area code minus the trunk code (“0”), and the local number.

Mobile phones in Belgium are ten digits long, with a “04” prefix. There are no fixed prefixes for each mobile phone provider.

Premium rate numbers begin with 0900, 0901, 0902 and 0903. Premium rates depend on the prefix, the higher the prefix, the higher the price per minute.

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