Searching for that special young woman

  • Do you have it in you to make a good-looking, nice and caring man happy again? After a broken heart, I hope to find a caring woman who can show me that love isn't dead.

    My dream was always to find that very special young woman, who wants to care for me and who I can take care of. Someone who would spoil me with her never ending love and she would receive my love as well. I was dreaming about that sweet young woman that I could marry one day and maybe that she would even carry my child.
    Can you prove me that my dream can still come true? Can you show me that love still exist? Do you dream about a future too where there's so much love and where you would like to live with your boyfriend / future husband? A future being happy together and where you can hear the sound of happy children? A future where you can love and spoil your man and love our children with all your heart? Do you still believe in growing old together?

    About me, I'm a caring, attractive young man (only 31 years old) with a lot of love to give. I live in Rotterdam, which is the second city of this beautiful little country. Even while I live in this city, I'm close to nature as well. I live in my own apartment and love the view every day happy I'm 180cm with blue eyes and brown hair. I also have a good job, which gives me the opportunity to learn more and it challenges me as well. Still there is enough free time and that is very important too.

    Some of my interests/hobby's are:
    Walking / hiking (love to walk in a forest or somewhere else in nature)
    Nature (to walk in, as seen above happy )
    Cities (everywhere in the country and sometime also outside Holland)
    Music (both listening and playing myself)
    Movies (both in the cinema and at home)
    Theatre (haven't visited much, there are some Dutch artists I would like to see)
    Driving around by car (it's on its way, delivery is within two months)
    Boat (I've got a small motorboat, wonderful to go away on vacation with it)

    Not interested in:
    Really crowded places
    Smoking (please, don't!)

    If you would like to take up the challenge of showing me what real love is, then don't hesitate to send me an e-mail. Please be around 18 - 27 years old, but I can be a bit more flexible if there's really a match between us. Also, like me, you don't have children, but would like to have children in the future. I also want you to know that I'm open for people of all races, I believe in love and it can happen between anyone! It would be great if we would share some interests / hobbies too!

    If you write, please tell me about yourself and what triggered your interest when you've read my ad here. You can reach me on my e-mail address: [email removed]

    12 Jan 2009, 03:44 Finding love
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  • Wow!

    I seldom see someone like this, you're very honest! You've received many responses from women? You deserve it, if I would be attracted to men, I would send you a message too to get to know you!

    Cynthia 29 Mär 2009, 12:22 - Verstoß melden
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