import from China

  • How r u the world? I'm a Chinese woman, I have several years int'l trade working experience in China, so I know factories of furniture, household items, well, I just arrived Dubai 3 weeks coz my husband works here. I'd like to have my small business, see here most of the products are made in China. If you have distribution channnels, maybe we can cooperate. You can find me at skype"jesuiskatietu"

    24 Jun 2007, 05:24 KatieHui
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  • start business in dubai

    Hi jesuiskatietu, this is andy I am a Chinese in HK and as an accountant of a Hong Kong company, would you like to share some inofrmation about how to create a company in Dubai and is it difficult to have a company or bank account in dubai? sorry I have no any skype a/c, can we discuss in MSN? Thank you!

    Andy 25 Jun 2007, 10:33 - Verstoß melden
  • taking information

    Hi dear;
    I have a business of hand made carpets in Kabul the capital city of Afghanistan and want to have a partenar to send me carpets which are made of silk and wool,would you like to share some information about how import or conact the factories of carpets.Please guid me in this case and it is possibse please contact me by this address;
    [email removed]

    Eng Karimullah Waziri 12 Jul 2007, 09:20 - Verstoß melden
  • business setup,sponsership & relocation to uae.


    do visit us at, will be glad to assist to you and anyway possible to relocate to dubai & establish a foothold here with the right connections.

    you can contact me listed cell nos or email.

    looking forward


    [email removed]

    rohan britto 03 Sep 2007, 06:49 - Verstoß melden
  • import from china to Dubai

    Dear KatieHui

    I am educational teacher from Canada and I would like to do some kinds of import from china to Dubai related to my career if you can send me an email
    [email removed] so we can communicate!

    Thank you

    Sharon 26 Nov 2007, 11:27 - Verstoß melden
  • health food suplements

    I have spent all my life in Dubai, and I would like to import high quality health food (whey protein, creatin, vitamins, etc.) from China to Dubai. Anyuone can assist me is establishing this potential? My email/MSN is [email removed] or Skype @ hassan.jishi

    Hassan Jishi 10 Dez 2007, 11:35 - Verstoß melden
  • To open a restaurant

    Hello everyone, I would like to find out on how to go about opening a Pizzerai Chain in Dubai. I have been in this business for 15 years and I'm interested in moving to the region from Canada.

    Hadi 12 Dez 2007, 03:27 - Verstoß melden
  • health food suplements

    Dear Hassan Jishi,
    I'm Malaysian from Kuala Lumpur.I,m doing health food suplements trading & supply.Our product is Colostrum milk with halal certificated.Colostrums very good for boost of our immune system & antibodies to protect and prevent from critical illness.I,m looking an asociate partners in Dubai to market our products.Have any enquiries contact me at [email removed]

    roslancm 25 Dez 2007, 06:27 - Verstoß melden
  • Service Delivery

    This is Petros from Guanyutong Group Shenzhen China. There are five companies under Guanyutong Group. They are Weideng International Trading Co, Guanyutong International Freight & Forwarding Co. Ltd, Guanyutong Transportation Service Co. , Guanyutong Customs Broker and the International Financial Service Co.

    Guanyutong Group starts the international trading and financial service since 1992. And begins the customs broker from 1995. We have almost 500 experienced staff to deal with the daily business. Our company is focus on the International trading and Logistics Service from 2002. So as to built up the branch companies in below cities, Chaozhou, Shantou, Guangzhou, Yangjiang, Zhongshan, Ningbo, Tsingdao and Tianjin. We also set up agents overseas. Guanyutong is one of the top class NVOCC in China. We built up strategy relationship with Maersk, COSCO, CMA, MSC and UASC.

    And now we are looking for partners to explore our business in south of Asia.We provide logistics service included ocean shipping, inland haulage and customs declaration for the cargoes export from Pearl River Delta of China. Our excellent service is our promise. Look forwad your response.

    Contact Person: Petros Zhan
    Telephone: 86-75525197224
    Mobile: 86-13692220054
    Email: [email removed] or [email removed]
    MSN: [email removed]

    Petros 03 Jan 2008, 10:06 - Verstoß melden
  • Katiehui

    To Katiehui
    Hi, I live and work in the UK, London. I'm thinking of travelling to a few countries including Dubai to find out what products i can buy to sell in the UK. China seems to be the booming country at the moment, so please contact me on [email removed] to converse.

    Sam 06 Mär 2008, 09:43 - Verstoß melden
  • HI

    hI live in the uk and looking to start a import business from china to the uk but dont know what to buy in china and sell in the uk.
    If you have any information please dont hesitate to contact me. my email is [email removed]

    Flo 21 Mär 2008, 10:18 - Verstoß melden
  • shipment from China to dubai or UAE

    hello ,i am evan pan from China,our headoffice is in shenzhen,we have branches in guangzhou,dongguan,ningbo,shanghai and qingdao.
    we are one big shipping company in China,and middle east line is our advantage line,if you want to import from China or export to China ,you can contact with email address is [email removed]y ,i have forgot to introduce my company ,we are shining ocean internatinal logistics co.,ltd.waiting for your reply.

    evann pan 08 Apr 2008, 02:42 - Verstoß melden
  • Non

    As you already got reply from so many companies. But also i am sending you my weblink and email add.
    [email removed]



    Sumit Sharma 09 Apr 2008, 11:59 - Verstoß melden
  • Online English Training

    Hi, we offer online English courses here in the Philippines. Is there anyone interested market for us or to partner with us?

    Please check our website:

    din_manila 15 Apr 2008, 11:39 - Verstoß melden
  • Online English Training

    Hi, we offer online English courses here in the Philippines. Is there anyone interested market for us or to partner with us?

    Please check our website:
    email: [email removed]

    din_manila 15 Apr 2008, 11:40 - Verstoß melden
  • Is there anybody who wants to import products from China?

    China is a fast developed country in the world. There might be a lot of opportunities there. Establish an agency, find good distributors, business partners, set up an operation, JV, WFOE or just want to understand the policy/law/regulation or shipping issue in China. Just think about it and work out a plan.

    I am a Chinese businessman who has been studying and working in Europe for many years and now located in Beijing. I have very good relationship with many customers and suppliers in different industries even the local governments of China. I may help you to do everything in China. Also, I’d love to find a good partner all over the world to make international business with me. Just let me know and welcome for all kind of business type and partnership. Please contact me for further discussion. Email: [email removed] [email removed] [email removed]

    Philip Phi 01 Mai 2008, 08:26 - Verstoß melden
  • Iran has Lots Of potentials

    Hello Everybody,
    As an experienced importer and exporter, I would like to draw your attention to the products from Iran inwhich you can find many high quality consumables and machineries which help small businesses in all over the world. For any information I will be happy to help.
    [email removed]

    Hamid 14 Mai 2008, 09:59 - Verstoß melden
  • Vietnam sourcing agent & services

    Vietnam has a lot of potentials for manufacturing opportunities. If you look for products from Vietnam, please visit us at or contact me at [email removed]. We are local, having over 15 years of international business and well understanding of local suppliers of all kind. All your inquiries are welcome.

    Harris Nguyen 18 Mai 2008, 10:08 - Verstoß melden
  • Unblock Skype and censored contents in Dubai and in China

    Hi all,

    After travelling in Dubai (UAE) and in China, I found a software that unblock Skype and censored contents in some countries.

    I know Skype is blocked or there is censor in the following countries : Belize, China, Columbia, Cuba, Jordan, UAE ...

    After searching internet, I found a way to make calls and to access censored content in those countries using a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

    How does it works ?

    A VPN encrypte the data you send on internet to a US IP adress (tunnel). This way your Internet Services Provider can't detect you are using Skype or another VoIP software ! It allow you access to censored content and geographical locked contents (i.e: listening radio on , watching TV streams for US residents, ...).

    There is a lot of VPN softwares, the first I tried was VPNaccounts. I didn't like it because it took a lot of time for activation, it was expensive and helpdesk support was very slow. :thumbdown:

    A friend of mine who lives in Belize told me about another VPN software called Witopia personnalVPN.

    Now I am using Witopia personnalVPN. It is easier to use (you just have to launch the software before launching Skype), faster and cheaper than all other VPN softwares I tried.

    It costs 39.99$ and works perfectly.

    You can download it from the editor's website :

    Works on Windows and Mac.

    I hope this post will help people who are in those countries and reducing censorship !


    Robert H 29 Mai 2008, 04:14 - Verstoß melden


    KENNY 03 Jun 2008, 05:18 - Verstoß melden
  • Introduction

    Dear Exporters/Importers,

    We are pleased to introduce ourselves as member of service industry in the fast growing and prosperous market of Dubai.
    We are shipping company providing logistics support to importers and exporters from all over the world. We co-operate with established agents worldwide strengthen our service internationally. As a result we are able to co-ordinate, arrange and control the timely shipment of your cargos from U.A.E to overseas destinations.

    We can provide services are as follows:

    1) Custom Clearance
    2) Sea Freight.
    3) Air Freight.
    4) Shipping Agent.
    5) Handling of the Bulk Cargo.
    6) Export Customs Documentation.
    7) Project Cargo
    8) Exhibition Cargo
    9) Cargo insurance coverage
    10) Multi-modal Transportation; Air-Sea / Sea-Air Freight Forwarding.
    11) Export Consolidation - Air / Sea.
    12) Warehousing.
    13) Local Pick-up / Delivery of Export / Import Cargo.
    14) Logistics Consulting
    Other intercontinental logistics Solutions.

    Best Regards
    Shahid Latif Khan
    Lamha Shipping L.L.C
    P.o.Box 185195 Dubai-U.A.E
    Tel : +971 4 2279973
    Fax : +971 4 2279976
    Cell : +971 50 7084996
    Web :

    Shahid khan 15 Jun 2008, 02:13 - Verstoß melden
  • We are exporting printed forms

    Dear Sir & Madam We are exporting from india all kind printed forms.. We have offset printing and screen printing by high technology.. 1000 of man powers and computerizes system. So any body interested thru wordwide just call me or mail me..
    my mobe # +91 9360309646
    +91 9786106381
    email: [email removed]
    [email removed]
    [email removed]

    Thanks a lot

    Royal Exim Printed Forms 20 Jun 2008, 05:29 - Verstoß melden
  • To Start New Business

    Dear All Wellwishers,
    I wish to start a new business in Dubai...I'm working in Dubai last 7years...If anyone is interested for a partnership basis ,please feel free to contact me .You can suggest yourown business which you wish to do.Awaiting a positive response from your end.
    [email removed]
    Mob:+97150 7541728

    Anwar Basheer 22 Jun 2008, 01:08 - Verstoß melden
  • we offers 2009 new trneds products

    Dear everyone ,

    we are the manufacturer in china ,if you like to import good from china to other countroes please contact me directly .

    email:[email removed]

    Duke chan 01 Jul 2008, 02:02 - Verstoß melden
  • want to open a poundland chain in pakistan

    hi,my name is Tanya. i live in London and want to start a poundland store in pakistan( if you never heard of this, its a big business in england. every thing under £1 including soaps,shampoos,decoration pieces and kids toys etc). i ave noticed that most of the stuff in pound stores is from china. any supplier from china can help on this? send me an email on, [email removed]

    Tanya 03 Aug 2008, 07:50 - Verstoß melden
  • I am intrested in business with you

    i am from pakistan. i am intrested in business with you. will you be willing to jion me



    Syed Mushtaq Hussain shah 11 Aug 2008, 09:49 - Verstoß melden
  • would like to import from any where to pakistan

    Hi, I live and work in Karachi,Pakistan. I would like to import some products that i can import to sell in the Karachi, Pakistan, so please contact me on [email removed] to converse.
    Abdul Rehman

    Abdul Rehman 18 Aug 2008, 08:17 - Verstoß melden
  • Information for Cash on Delivery

    Dear Sir

    We are trading company in dubai and are looking for the service of goods to be delivered to our place from China,USA, Japan to Dubai to our place

    Cash will be given on delivery of our ordered Goods

    If you can give us this service
    Pls contact on [email removed]

    Mustafa 26 Aug 2008, 01:12 - Verstoß melden
  • business sponsor in oman

    I am a Oman national and I am offering to be a sponsor for any LLC company or PLC company for an annual fee only depending on the nature of your business. Please feel free to contact me on e-mail for further information and assistance. Please specify in the email all details regarding business nature, partners, etc.
    > >>
    > >> Regards
    > >>
    > >> Uthman
    > >> 00971505155702

    arbab 05 Sep 2008, 06:04 - Verstoß melden
  • International freight forwarder

    Dear Sirs,
    I really apologize if this letter bothers you.
    But I wish you could take several minutes check it。
    We are a Forwarder in china, named “Shenzhen E-D&NICENAME INT'L Agent registered in Shenzhen of Guangdong Province, China. We also have agents in Guangzhou (including Foshan, Shunde) NingBo, Shanghai, Qing Dao and the other main ports of china.
    Service Providing:
     FCL&LCL cargo sea freight service
     Trucking Between China and Hong Kong service
     Import & Export Customs Clearance Service
     Air freight Service
     CO. Form A, Fumigation and Other inspections service
    I am looking forward to your reply, thanks
    Best Regards
    Shenzhen E-D&NICENAME INT’L Agent Ltd
    Tel: 86-755-25190747
    Fax: 86-755-25107130
    Email: [email removed](Business email)
    Address: RmC, 11/F, West seat, WenHua Building,
    Shennan Road, Luohu District
    Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province
    P.O: 518002

    George Lang 27 Sep 2008, 05:02 - Verstoß melden
  • import any things from dubai

    Helo Dears,

    Do you need any thing to import from please save your time to trip dubai contact me.we import from dubai.


    ghulam Haider
    [email removed]
    92 333 3644638

    Ghulam Haider 06 Okt 2008, 10:39 - Verstoß melden
  • Openning restaurant in Dubai



    NELE 12 Okt 2008, 01:55 - Verstoß melden
  • welcome to commodity sea in yiwu china

    Hello everybody,
    I am kevin from yiwu china, hope can build up cooperation with you from all of the world. If you just heard about yiwu, why not come here to take a look, where you will be your terminal destination. Because you can buy anything what you want in dairy used, toy, art&craft, small electronic....
    If anyone has interest we can communite in MSN : [email removed]
    Waiting for your coming!
    Best regards

    kevin 19 Okt 2008, 07:56 - Verstoß melden
  • Export flags from China.

    Shandong Jintel Flag Co.,Ltd. is a professional flags manufacturer and flags exporter. Our flags products consiste of National flags, Car flags, Table flag, Hand flags, Digital flags etc. Associated products include Advertising banners, Mini banners, Polyester scarves, Acrylic scarves etc. .
    1) The flags products series include car flags, desk flags, national flags, body flags, hand shaking flags , embroidery flags and windsocks etc;
    2)Banners include mini banners, advertising banners, flying banners etc
    3) All kinds of soccer scarves such as polyester scarves, acrylic scarves etc
    Our products have been exported well to European and American market, we have earned an excellent credit standing in dealing with customers. Welcome domestic and overseas friends to cooperate with us!
    Email: [email removed]

    Fu Jian 21 Okt 2008, 08:37 - Verstoß melden


    We Received a package here in our office to be dispatched to you, by IWIN LOTTERY PROMOTION COMPANY.

    We formally inform you to provide us with your current new postal Address to reconfirm by our dispatching crew so as to enhance quick delivery to you,confirmation of the Address is being certified in our DATA-BASE,Certified Bank Draft of Eight Hundred Thousand Great British Pounds(800,000.00GBP) issued by IWIN LOTTERY PROMOTION COMPANY.

    Insurance premium and Clearance Certificate Fee, been paid by Depositor,the only money you will send to the DHL DELIVERY OFFICE is (85.00GBP) only for the Security Keeping Fee of the Delivery Company.

    Some charges including the VAT have been paid except security keeping fee which is to be paid by you. You are advise to here to the rules and regulation of the DHL DELIVERY OFFICE is to effect delivery of your Package.

    Mr.Alex Butt (dispatch officer)


    Heathrow Airport,Hounslow, Middlesex, TW6 2DG
    TEL +229 9868 1949
    +229 9327 4425
    Open 7days-24hrs-365days

    Mr.Alex Butt 28 Okt 2008, 12:11 - Verstoß melden
  • import from Dubai

    Hello, Im from Colombia and interested in what are you need import from other places of the world. I can send you many things.
    Carlos Bonilla
    [email removed]

    Carlos Bonilla 17 Nov 2008, 02:44 - Verstoß melden
  • export curtain rod from china

    Hallo everyone
    Our company main manufacture curtain rod
    (include bracket,bring,final&caps).We own
    factory in china.
    We are main export to Mideast market.Please
    add me under any contact way,when you need our
    products you can easy contact me .And we can
    offer to you the best price and excellent
    Many thanks!

    Best regards!
    Tel:86 574 81961338
    Messenger:[email removed]

    Candy 19 Nov 2008, 05:58 - Verstoß melden
  • looking for medical equipments

    hi im looking for some medical equipments to morocco if possible please email me 22 Nov 2008, 03:33 - Verstoß melden
  • import from China

    If you want to import some products form China, one of the main points that you have to take into consideration is how to deal with your product freight. We can arrange all the necessary procedures and prepare the export documents concerned for you. According to your request, we book shipping space and arrange shipment in time. MSN:

    Aaron 05 Dez 2008, 07:47 - Verstoß melden


    Dear Sir/Madam

    Good day!

    I am Tony , from Shenzhen , China, I'm in UnionCargo International Forwarder Co., Ltd .
    I seek cooperation with cargo agent and fowarder and customer who need some cargos from China to your country,sea or air , I hope we could get a new cooperation.

    I am in charge the overseas department ,I will get our lowest rates,net/net rate. Hope you could contact me to our new update rates for October,from China to your country with sea or air shipments..

    You know in this season ,more shipments increase,because we have very good relathionship with the carrier ,so I will give our net/net rate for you ,it's very competitive, we could get more and more cargos,then we could share the gain , I believe we could get this new cooperation very good

    We are professional logistics company with class"A" quality service approved by Economy PRC (Ministry of Commerce now).We handle the cargoes exported from China covering all of the basic ports such as: Shenzhen, Guangzhou,Foshan, Ningbo, Shanghai, Tianjing, Xiamen etc..
    Our Service Including
    FCL & LCL
    Special container service (Reefer, Open top, Flat rack, Roro service)
    NVOCC Service
    Pick up and distribution
    Cargo insurance
    Thank you for your support . And I believe we can get this good cooperation in future and continue it.

    You can contact me with :MSN: [email removed]
    SKYPE: yuxin1207 any time.
    wait your reply ~ thank you very much

    best regards

    if this email didn't send the correct person,please help to forward it.thank you very much

    Tony Yu
    Union Cargo International Forwarder Co.,Ltd
    E-mail: [email removed]
    MSN: [email removed]
    SKYPE: yuxin1207
    TEL: +86-755-61661950
    Fax: +86-755-83757086
    Address:7 Floor,The World Trade Plaza ,Fuhong Rd,
    Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China

    tony 11 Dez 2008, 09:38 - Verstoß melden
  • Reliable furniture supplier


    Glad to learn you are looking for furniture(Office furniture, home furniture, school furniture,hotel furniture) .

    We have great interest to become your furniture suppliers on base our 11 years' experience and attached pls find recommending items.

    Expect your prompt reply .Thanks!

    Susan Zheng

    M&F Sisters Co.,Ltd (Shanghai,China)
    Tel: 0086-21-62333568
    Fax: 0086-21-60911217
    Mobile: 0086-136 7195 5713
    Mail: [email removed]

    mfsisters 16 Dez 2008, 08:16 - Verstoß melden
  • hello i am business man

    hello every body i need urgent help for my business partener who can help me in the future to get 6000$ for getting the total amount of 2.86m$ for direct investement project in dubai area or any place that could be good for both of us please contact me urgently if you are interessted and i will update you with all details ,my private email :[email removed] phone numbeer+213779477846,its very urgent

    bouchagour 18 Dez 2008, 11:44 - Verstoß melden
  • reg : construction company - Electrical

    Dear Sir,
    Iam Satheesh.T basically an Indian
    working in Oman for more than 7 years as electrical engineer

    I have total 10 yrs. experience in this field
    I have worked in construction side and have good exp.
    hence i like to start a company with a good sponser
    hope you will do the needfull
    my email id : [email removed]
    phone : 00968 - 95262560
    presently Iam working in Muscat as senior electrical engineer for a PDO project
    the project worth is R.O 18 million
    waiting to hear from you
    thanking you
    T. Satheesh
    00968 - 95262560

    T. Satheesh 18 Dez 2008, 01:03 - Verstoß melden

    Hi everyone. Been reading on this thread and there are so many enquiries about buying or importing from China. I need to emphasise that buying from China can be a very daunting task. Especially for the newbies. Doing your research in your local market is essential and can make your life very very easy in the long run. After you've collected your information regarding the importation of your product into your country or another, you need to find the right supplier/manufacture or worse distributor in China. Negotiating a good deal is next and with this comes the issue of quantity. Many of you have come across this term, MOQ. MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY. Are you ready to buy in the thousands and save!!! This is one of the 2 key issues that will determine the lfe of your business. The next most important one of this is the QUALITY. Wether you're ordering 1 or 1000 pieces of your product, forget about living from the sales of your product if the quality is not up to par.

    This is where we come in, we research your product all over China. We get different specifications of your product for you and compile a basic written report. Quotes are given to you in RMB (Chinese local currency) freeing you from double exchange rate (USD indexes and then China index)as 95% of supplier/manufacture can only quote in USD to a lot of e-enquiries.(internet enquiries). Using the payment days' China Bank exchange rate, you do the conversion and pay for your goods. Most importantly, we hold your payment and place the order with only 30% payment to the supplier/manufacture, and the balance upon inspection of the goods before despatch. Cost of our service is 500RMB per day.


    Oh by the way, we can also escort you to your first 3 desired suppliers. We can book hotels for you and pick you up from the border.

    China Rep = Andy - 86 13823651610
    KPL Group (China)

    Andy Weng 18 Dez 2008, 07:13 - Verstoß melden
  • Max Bizz

    We are delas in all kinds of Barcode Scanners, Barcode Readers , Barcod eprinters, and other related itmes. if you have any query please fell free to contact with us ;

    we are also handle your cargo by sea / Air in khi any where in world. if your shipment arrive here send us detail we can handle it
    [email removed]

    zaheer 18 Dez 2008, 07:31 - Verstoß melden
  • Want to start consultancies in pakistan

    hi i am Asim from pakistan i can help any one who wants to establish any buisness in pakistan or already had setup i can provide the all the details and reports about pakistan [email removed]

    Asim Mukhtar 30 Dez 2008, 11:49 - Verstoß melden
  • HP Toner & Cartridge supplier

    Hi,we do wholesale business in dubai coming from Chinese Cartridge factory . willing to become our smart partner , please contact me :
    971-43935454 , [email removed]

    Bonnie 01 Jan 2009, 03:45 - Verstoß melden
  • Unblock Skype in China, Dubai, UAE, Mexico, Belize, Panama, Jordan, Qatar, ... and all blocked websites.

    You can unblock all websites and Skype with Blacklogic VPN. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) encrypte your internet data to server. It is very easy to use.

    Micky Leg 25 Jan 2009, 05:16 - Verstoß melden
  • we provide Beaded Bags,Jeans,Jewelries etc. any time pls feel free to contact me at email: [email removed] thnx

    Rebecca 25 Jan 2009, 06:19 - Verstoß melden

    hello every body i want Import from china to Ethioia cosmotICS and consumer goods olso dubi to ethiopia please contact Emai [email removed] OR [email removed]

    mubarik 25 Jan 2009, 06:10 - Verstoß melden
  • Need contact details

    Hi, I need your contact details if you can send me your msn I'd so that we can chat regards to I'd is [email removed]



    Mufazzal 20 Feb 2009, 02:33 - Verstoß melden
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